Residential Painting Done Right In Geelong

We have over 20+ years professional painting experience across Geelong and surrounding areas.

Residential painting done right in Geelong

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Are you looking to have your house repainted in Geelong and struggling to find someone you trust to get the job done right? Peter and the guys at AAA Painting and Decorating have been operating in the Geelong and surrounding areas for over 20 years. They have local knowledge, the experience and passion for painting that you won’t find anywhere else.

Not all painters are the same

It’s an old saying but always true that you generally get what you pay for. With painting and decorating it’s very true. There are many things that set 2 painters apart and our aim here is to simply highlight a few to help you avoid getting burnt.

  1. Licensed Painter – Is the person you are about to hire a qualified and licensed painter, or just someone who has painted before and wants to earn more money?

  2. Experience – Does your painter have actual experience other than just a few touch ups here and there? Are you about to entrust the repaint of your home to someone who’s never actually painted a home successfully before. Ask to see examples of work and actual testimonials of clients who are happy to vouch for the painters work experience.
  3. Quality Paints – This is a big one as there are some very cheap paint available on the market. Be sure that your painter uses quality paints that won’t crack, blister and fade within the first few years of the new repaint.

cheap paint costs you moreresidential painting geelong

In future articles we’ll discuss alot more in detail about all aspects of painting, paint restoration and ensuring your home or work looks the best with professional painting soluitions.


Looking for Professional House Painters Geelong?

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