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If you are looking for painters for a new house, renovations or extension to your Wandana Heights home, then give us a call. We are professional, experienced painters that will make your home look no less than excellent!

House Painting Wandana Heights Geelong

Exterior House Painting

A great exterior paint job can transform the appearance of your home! The New Paint look does bring some freshness into your neighbourhood. It’s also your home’s first defence against the often harsh Geelong climate.

Don’t put off painting the outside of your house because it seems like an expensive, huge and complex job! Call in the experts (that’s us!) before the damage is done.

Interior House Painting

Interior painting is one of the easiest and best ways to freshen up your home, create a new look or add value when getting ready to sell.

Whether you’ve had some water damage, the kitchen is getting a makeover, creating a kids room, or you’re redecorating the whole house, no project is too big or small.



Some things to know about Wandana Heights, Geelong. 

Wandana Heights is a residential suburb of Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Suburban development of the suburb commenced in the 1980s which due to the current high property prices in Australia, and the fluctuation of prices in previous years housing development has been sporadic with periods where there has been no new constructions, punctuated with occasional spurts.

painter wandana heights geelong

Another factor affecting the growth of the area is the monetary value for plots, which is significantly higher than the neighbouring suburb of Highton due to the very expansive views of the surrounding district.

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